There are lots of terms in the detailing industry that can be difficult to understand if you're new to it, so we've made a handy jargon buster to help you understand what you're paying for!


If you gently run your hand over your car’s paintwork, you may feel that the paint has a slight rough feel to it. This can be caused by many things such as tar, brake dust, tree sap and general fallout. For example, if you live near a railway line, you are highly susceptible to having lots of iron on your paintwork.


When washing their car, most people use a single bucket, add soap and water, get a sponge, spray their car and start washing; repeatedly putting the sponge into the wash bucket, rinsing it out and contaminating the sponge. By doing this, you are actually scratching your paintwork as your sponge is now full of grit and road grime.

CLAY (Bar / cloth)

The most thorough form of decontamination is claying your paintwork. The claying process happens after the chemical decontamination process. When used properly, this tool can gently but effectively lift fallout and road grime from your paintwork. 


Marring is the term used to describe the ‘swirl’ effect that occurs when the car has been washed incorrectly eg. with a sponge that has small pieces of grit and dirt in, which then scratches the paint work. 


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